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Being the 1st post of this opinion hub, this is intended as an introduction – a who’s who and a what’s what, so to speak. While the topics and expressed opinions in this hub are discussed seriously, the hub is intended primarily as a place that is more interesting than it is necessarily philosophical or political, albeit I will undoubtedly touch up on those eventually. I would much rather be writing about martial arts, really (I’m an MMA fanatic). After all, the last thing we Apollonians need is yet another content-producing e-celebrity; you can rest assured that I neither want your donations, nor do I need them. Instead, save your money for those who actually need it. As alluded to in the home page, the regime consists of 2 broad subdivisions.

Some of you are deeply immersed in the intelligentsia where the content-producing e-celebrities are. I am acquainted with 2 of the most prominent of such individuals and I am on good terms with them, as well. In fact, I highly value the work they do as I view them as indispensable for moralizing our people – our much needed priestly class.

Some of you, like myself, are more likely to come at this from the Noble community, where the focus is mainly in the material realm, including but not limited to the financial, economic, political, legal, technological, and so on. The material realm is where Noble Families engage in capital investment and allocation for the purposes of statecraft, institution-building, and democracy-making – our much needed aristocracy.

Too often, I hear the e-celebrity crowd talking about Apolloism as an inter-generational project whereby the fruits thereof will only be collected by our offspring. To the Noble crowd, it’s a very “right here, right now” situation. Personally, I acknowledge that it appears as a conflict of opinion, but I don’t believe that it is. The e-celebrity crowd operates under the belief that a change in paradigm is a prerequisite for an Apollonian ascendancy in institutions – a view which I would qualify as being dialectically Hegelian. The Noble crowd believes that a change in material conditions are needed to precipitate that paradigm change – a view which I would qualify as being dialectically Marxist. In my opinion, the division is not one of competing substitutes, but rather one that is necessary and complementary to one another, although I have seen a few within the e-celebrity crowd erroneously take the former view.

My life experience leads me to believe that nobody lifts a finger for you until they have to. Whether they lift that finger because you dangled a big enough carrot or because you waved a big enough stick is irrelevant to the fact that people respond to incentives, either way. If it were not so, no genius would ever be hereticized as a result of speaking facts which run contrary to vested interests. If the genius is to speak the truth, he will need teeth to do it. Why? Because people think twice before messing with you when they know you can punch back.

As a result of that life experience, I agree with the Noble crowd on this point. There will be no paradigm change until we have influential guilty people by the balls and this is where the “right here, right now” attitude comes from. We’re not asking and we’re not waiting: now means now and it’s happening whether you like it or not. The advantage of having money and kompromat is that your metaphorical finger is always on a big red button. Should you decide to push it, your lawyers will handle the rest. And believe me, there is no shortage of scandals among the Washington establishment, journalists, and other influential people; wouldn’t the public just looooove to know what their favorite politician did in which hotel? We all know how these influential people are kept in check by our rivals. Now, our rivals are no longer the only player on the table.

I understand that some within the e-celebrity crowd will question the plausibility of such a thing. When operating within the confines of the law, it is indeed a lot more difficult to make offers that can’t be refused. Of course, we can’t point guns at people, nor do we have the luxury of blackmailing like our rivals do. However, lawyers will find legal ways of “carrot-&-stick”-ing people if it’s possible. That’s all that matters. Admittedly, being limited by legal constraints means that we may have to fight some battles another day when a lawful opportunity arises. I’m ok with that limitation; it’s what it is.

So, with all due respect to the e-celebrity crowd, many of you are clearly not as moralized as you think you are. Apolloism is ascendant now – not tomorrow, not next week, not when you’re dead, now. Those of you thinking “oh one day a big money person will come” or “one day we will build institutions” or “one day when we’re influential” or “one day when we can compete with our rivals”. Uh… no. We’re over here already doing all that and, for whatever reason, you guys are over there. We’re not going to chase you to get you funded or to invest in your startups, we’re not going to come after you for a prestigious job opportunity, and we’re certainly not going to engage with people who lack respect for who we are or the equally crucial role of the Noble crowd by insisting that the Nobility is some kind of “idea”. I can assure you that the billionaire who paid a private intelligence agency to investigate me did not see it that way. Perhaps, you ought take a cue from our rivals, as they evidently seem to have a different estimation of who’s actually important and a threat to their interests.

No matter which podcast you listen to, which book you read, which telegram channel you’re in, which twitter pages you follow, or which voice chat you hang out in, the Nobility is already doing everything you guys talk about and expressly wish for in the real world. You might not like the PR stuff or the lingo, but guess what: unlike you, we get to use our real names and be seen in public with the people who actually matter in the grand scheme of things without lying about our views. Academics and celebrities have attempted to make a name for themselves by associating their names with an openly Noble-owned brand – one which actually does some good in the world by very directly tackling some of the societal issues that supposedly matter to you. So, the next time you are considering to foolishly question our legitimacy, plausibility, or credibility, you might want to keep in mind who you are, who you’re talking about, and whether you really want those words associated to your name handle. It’s your credibility. You’re going to need it.

If you don’t want to be one of the Theodor Hertzl’s of Apolloism and would rather watch Apollonian ascendancy happen from a safe distance in your chat group, no problem. There is plenty of good to be done within the intelligentsia with the e-celebrities. But if you keep talking about Apolloism as a purely online thing, you’re not just wrong, you’re being flat-out rude to Nobles. If that’s the cake you really want to bake, fine… but you will have to eat it.

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