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Spirituality is that which relates to the spirit and the spirit is the force or principle which gives resoluteness in living things. The spirit is our genetic interests. Religion, worldview, culture, art is how we understand the world, including ourselves and our spirit; they are how genes engage in public relations and reputation management.

The spirit is the driver of all human action. It has impacted me as much as anyone else, but I just happen to be aware of the fact that my genes are in the driver’s seat. Most people tend to deny this because, like slaves, they long for freedom and to be told that they are guided by their genes is a violation of their free will. And such people will often ask: do I engage in any spiritual practices?

On the one hand, all human activity ultimately relates to the spirit (genes). One activity, however, directly relates to the spirit in itself: culture creation. Thanks to culture creation, I consciously develop my social antler which is both a mating call and a weapon of male-male competition through dependence creation. Most importantly, the spiritual (genetic) activity of culture creation is my offspring’s inheritance and it conveys upon them a competitive advantage in 2 ways:

  • culture is ornamental and an attractive force, especially in girls;
  • culture is a genetic (spiritual) weapon wielded by boys.

Here is Steven Spielberg admitting to doing the same in Pinky & the Brain:

Once the world views my happy grin, they will be our willing followers. […] But first, we need mass exposure. […] We shall use a weapon of great stealth, power, and corruption: our own sitcom!


Let’s be clear about what’s happening here. The Brain and, by extension, Spielberg are making a stunning revelation: they correctly understand art as weaponry. In genopolemology terms, that is referred to as the social antler. […] Spielberg is literally telling us that Pinky & The Brain, specifically, is a weapon of world domination. […] He, the real art creator, is telling the real world he’s supplanting / insulting gentiles with a weapon called “art” (Pinky & The Brain) […] Every time he releases art, i.e. his weaponry, it marks the beginning of a new era where he acquires followers who adore him for no good reason.

Pinky & the Brain

Memes are the only organs made by genes which can survive the test of time. A part of me will always live on through my memes. I have no need to lie to my children about a fictional heaven. As long as they copy my genes, my memes shall live. Thus, the culture creator is partly immortalized.

When understood that gods are genetic archetypes and representations of a type of human, iconoclasm is an act of genocide. In a sense, I have created a god called the Master – a science-based Apollonian male type which serves as an aspirational ideal. Under an Abrahamic worldview, my children would be called idolators if they would honor the Apollonian Master. But the Master is an organ of my genes and, after I’m dead, any attack on my offspring’s idolatry would be an attack on the last remnants of my existence.

Spirituality is not a choice. Everyone is spiritual, I just happen to know that I am. Nobody chooses to be spiritual because of some benefit, they just are. It is a default state of being. At all times, we are all driven by genetic interests. However, the gene deniers assert that faith (the suspension of logic) is required for spirituality. This could not be further from the truth. Genetics requires logic and, by suspending it, we move away from spirituality.

Case in point: Christian are gentiles, yet they worship a non-gentile god – a magic jew. In other words, they honor the memes of genes which are foreign to them. Look at what faith has done to the Christians, but they certainly insist on remaining Christian for the sake of spirituality! Truly, the suspension of logic has taken hold.

True spirituality requires the disbelief in the supernatural. Everything you have ever loved and hated, every passion and revulsion, was driven by genes. How could one deny the very thing that drives them and then pretend they are spiritual? It is patently absurd.

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